silo exterior

SILO converts urban rooftops into a source of sustainable food production and transforms backyards into locations for vertical farming. SILO begins with a structural core containing a hoistway, stair and rainwater cistern. Wrapping the core is a vertical matrix of modular containers.

silo interior

The SILO envelope is a suspended lattice filled with modular containers: Hemp baskets hold plants, herbs and flora. Wood boxes provide honeybee hives, while screened panels at the base provide a secure enclosure for chickens to graze.


canteen 01

Conceived and built as transformable shipping crates, CANTEEN is a laboratory for the perfect meal. CANTEEN is a three-layered apparatus: a rough plywood construction wraps a refined mirrored interior, which, in-turn, contains brightly hued foam blocks.

canteen 02

CANTEEN is transported to a site, opened, and elevated on tripods. The foam blocks are removed, creating serving areas, and the crates' mirrored interior establishes a floating horizon within which guests can enjoy food, drink, and conversation. CANTEEN is a collaboration with Filipa Tomaz and Corey Yurkovich.


shelving elevation

This storage system is based on ADVENT, the physical record keeping of progress. The system is composed of 24 closed storage bays concealed behind a surface of multi-colored doors. Functionally, an opened door falls exactly against its companion, allowing access to the books behind.

shelving used

As the client retrieves books over the course of her day, the opening of doors within the system becomes the ADVENT of her work. This is reflected not only in the transformation of bays from surface to volume, but in the shifting of colors as the doors relocate.


fulcrum reception

This office renovation created an open work area as well as client reception space and conference rooms. The contrast of simple materials with one brightly colored wall running the length of the office produces continuity and visual depth between the two zones.

fulcrum desks

A conventional office cubicle system was modified to provide a hierarchy of interaction: groupings of six people work along a common storage unit under which pairs of employees share U-shaped bays. Translucent glass partitions provide privacy without compromising the work area’s openness.



Responding to the loss of the World Trade Center, we investigated mechanisms for revitalizing Lower Manhattan. Our guiding principle was cooperative exchange as a salve. What better way to pay to honor to a lost center of commerce than to return to personal, interactive trade.

kasspad siteplan

KASSPAD is a path delineated with modern versions of cheese drying racks. On market days, cheese wheels fill the racks, creating a space for interaction. Within items for sale, certain cheeses are labeled with historic information concerning the earliest markets of Nieuw Amsterdam and Lower Manhattan.