veterans memorial

The memorial site consists of three components: the pavilion, a courtyard and a line of serviceberry trees. The serviceberry trees define the courtyard, screen it from the park’s sports fields and supplement the existing evergreen trees with three seasonal changes in color.

veterans street

The memorial pavilion is realized as five cast bronze plates folded to create a canopy. Each folded plate represents a branch of the military. The vertical portion of each plate is engraved with branch engagements while the canopy is reserved for the names of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


pop up exterior

Pop-up clothing stores juxtapose unadorned functionality with literal and metaphorical light. MARATHON is a facade created with marathon blankets over homasote panels that shapes reflections and communicates the import of simple but functional garments.

pop up exterior 2

As the pop-up store nears the end of its lifecycle, MARATHON will be detached and distributed to customers as a memento. The result is a facade that slowly deconstructs itself, as the brightness is carried away, sheet by sheet, before the store closes.